100×100 World Datapack 1.3

People have way too much freedom on where they can go. But if you’re the type to live in captivity, take a look at the 100×100 datapack. Simply load up a world and run /function runs:start and you’ll be teleported to a random place in the world with a closed in world border. If you want more space, do /function runs:start200.
If you would rather be in a place you like, run /function runs:manualstart

Datapack inspired by Yeah Jaron’s 100×100 YT shorts series
Click here to find out how to install this.
This map is only for Minecraft Java Edition for 1.16 and above.

Pack To Be Determined 1.0

Pack TBD is a technical and exploration based modpack with mods such as Biomes O’ Plenty, Buildcraft, Chisel & Bits, and more.

You can get this modpack from the curseforge launcher.
The version of this modpack is 1.12.2 on JAVA ONLY.
Alt link goes to MediaFire.